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Remote-server-timeout error

We are trying to login about 1600 users to Openfire from a single windows box. The connection type is BOSH. After login and setting up listener to nodes for about 1000 users, the client’s start get’s an error: “remote-server-timeout(504) Timeout reached for the connection” When this error comes all the persistent connections opened by previous clients get’s closed.

Openfire logs have this error:

org.jivesoftware.openfire.spi.RoutingTableImpl - Unable to route packet. No session is available so store offline.

Could you enlighten about what is causing the error and solution to it?


The client were started from Windows XP. The issue we faced could be due to leaky sockets as reported in Microsoft forms. Once we moved to Windows Server, login worked smoothly.

Post login connections were getting disconnected after about 2 minutes. That was because the xLightWeb HttpClient has the default settings for idle pool and default pool timeouts as 3 and 30 seconds respectively.

After increasing the timeout for those two parameters, connection timeouts were not seen.

Modified code in XLightWebSender.java

public void init(final BOSHClientConfig session) {


try {

cfg = session;

client = new HttpClient();

client.setPooledMaxIdleTimeMillis(Integer.parseInt(System.getProperty(“boshPool MaxIdle”, “36000000”)));

client.setPooledMaxLifeTimeMillis(Integer.parseInt(System.getProperty(“boshPool MaxLife”, “36000000”)));

} finally {