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Remove MSN sign-in info in Spark, add it again = user cannot add msn users

Hello all,

I have transports set up for some of our users. On Gateway Settings i have “Manual registration only”.

One day a user decided to remove his msn login info in spark and trouble begun. Even though it was correctly added again in spark, the user couldnt connect again to the transport and openfire Registration would show his transport as offline.

I managed to partially correct the problem by closing the client, removing his transport in openfire, recreating it then firing up spark again.

MSN lits up and contacts are populated, but now he cannot add MSN ppl anymore, the Add Contact dialog wont show the checkbox to indicate the user hes trying to add is on MSN.

I did the same on my transport and now Im having the same issue, I cannot add MSN ppl too.


Openfire 3.3.2 under linux, external mysql database, external ldap userbase, IM gateway 1.1.2

User: Spark 2.5.6 for macos

Me: Spark 2.5.4 for linux