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Renaming/updating shared groups issue


I have a Jive 2.2.0 server running on Linux with Psi and Exodus clients (latest versions … Exodus is more commonly used) running on Windows OS. The server uses the mySQL database.

I have found some issues that may be related:

  1. removing a user from one group can remove other groups from some users rosters

  2. deleting one group can remove other groups from other’'s rosters

  3. adding new users to a brand new group worked, but on server restart the group disappeared from users rosters.

A server restart fixes point 1 and 2.

Point 3 was resolved by unsharing and resharing the group… but an “unfiled” group appeared in Exodus (which is normally reserved for contacts that I don’'t have a subscription to)… another server restart seems to have fixed it.

I notice that the following bugs are already logged:

  • JM-379 - Change caching strategy for shared groups

  • JM-341 - Analyze shared groups issue

  • JM-370 - Better handling of deleted groups for shared groups

… but I’‘m not sure if these totally address the above issues. If so, I’'m content they are logged.