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Repeated notifications that deleted users have removed your name

I’'ve had a bunch of users report the same problem:

“How do I make it so it doesn’‘t say “so and so has removed you from their contact list” every time I start up pandion? It’'s the same people always”

“I get spammed with popups when I open Jabber telling me people have removed me from their contact lists. Is there a way to remove them permanently from mine so that I never have to be told again?”

The people who have “removed” the complaining users from their contact lists are actually accounts that have been deleted.

I’‘m running Wildfire 3.1.1. (I would be happy to get a more recent version, but this is the only complaint I’‘ve been getting and I haven’‘t seen any mention of a fix in the change log.) In the current configuration, all account are created by the administrator. They’‘re all in contact list groups, and all groups are visible to all users. It’'s a closed system, with external connection managers disallowed.

Any suggestions welcome!