Repeating lines in chat from chatroom, possible bug? 2.6b2

If I’m in a on-on-one chat that is spawned from a chatroom (tab heading says [name of friend I’m chatting with] - #[chatroom name]), every line they type to me is repeated twice. Lines I send go to him just fine, it’s only receiving. Also, this behavior does not happen if I’m in a one-on-one chat that is initiated directly from the contact list; it only happens if it’s initiated from a chat room.

Speaking of, what is the difference between a one-on-one chat initiated from within a chat room, and a one-on-one chat initiated from the contact list? In my mind, if it’s the same person, there should be a single unified “chat” with history between us. Thanks for any info!

Any chance you were chatting with the user using iChat? I saw this issue a while ago when chatting with iChat users. Not sure where this bug can be, Openfire, iChat or Spark.

Speaking about the difference. Well, there is. I dont know all the technical stuff. But simple chat is going on with username@chatserver.tld, but private chat in the group chat is with roomname@groupchatservice.chatserver.tld/nickname

Nope, this is a corporate IM and we’re all on Spark and openfire. The only difference is he’s on the current release of Spark, and I’m on the 2.6 beta, and the problem only started happening once I was using the beta version. Hence why I wondered if it might be a bug or something.

I guess then what is the point of the difference between individual chats launched from a spark conference room, and individual chats launched directly from the contact list? If it’s the same contact, shouldn’t it be unified? Why would you want to separate that out?

And what happens when you both use beta? Anyway, i think i will test this situation in a few days with two users using latest svn version.

As i said, i dont really know the whole technical stuff behind that, but i suppose this is by XMPP standards. Probably that’s because you can join a room with any nickname you want and dont even show your JID (username@server) to others (if room settings let that). So this is not a general one-on-one chat, but a private chat in a group chat. So message is being send not to your username directly, but to your nickname node in that room, and then room forwards it to your username.


It looks like some clients start simple one-on-one chat instead of private MUC chat when they can discover the username (JID) of the user. JIDs discovery is set in the room settings. Spark is always starting private MUC chat no matter what JIDs discovery setting is. I dont knw what is the right way in this situation.