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Replace IP

Hi @ll!

I’'ve installed the Jive Software successfully(jive- a very nice java-application!).

If I login with the Client(i’'m using Gaim, maybe you know it), I have to fill in the IP-adress of my Server instead of the server-name. In gap “Domain Name(s)”(you can find it here: » Server Properties » Edit Server Properties) , I filled in my preferential Domain.

How can I fix this?

greetings from germany

jay jay

I have a question about this too

In version 1.x we could put IP numbers in for chat server name, multiuser chat server name, etc.

Version 1:

Server name: name or IP

Chat server name: name or IP

MultiUser Chat server name: name or IP

Version 2:

Group chat service name: <insert name like “conference” here>.

Of course if I am trying to create a room from a client using conference.mymachinename isn’'t going to work since I have no DNS entry for that.

I had an IP in there before since my machine has 2 NICs and I was running that traffic through the 2nd one. Also, unless absolutely necessary we don’'t put machine names in DNS until they are getting real close to production

Can I just put IP information into xml conf file? I’'ll go look now and not be bad this time heh.

Whoa, that sucker doesn’'t have much in…just about LDAP… time to dig!

fun fun fun


Most properties are now stored in the database. You can edit the properties directly from within the admin tool. You should see one for your server name.



Ok Matt I see stuff heh… before it was broken out more wasn’'t it?

xmpp.domain has my server name.

I do have one DNS name for this box.

If my DNS name is dog.cat.org and my server name is dog.

…how can I split that among normal chat and multi chat?

Do I need to add a new property?

Colour me dumb :confused:

I find this area to be one of the more confusing points of XMPP – DNS is actually only used for the main server name and nothing else. The subdomains are all “virtual” – in other words, there doesn’'t have to be a DNS entry for chat.server or conference.server (where server is your actual server name). XMPP clients will only connect directly to “server” and not “chat.server”, etc. So, just make sure you have a DNS name for your main server name and you should be set.




You rule!

I’‘ll try it on my work break since I can’'t mess with this stuff during my normal work time heh

Thank you!

But the fault was by my Domain-Hoster… 24h, until the DNS will be upgraded