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Replacing special characters in i18n files


i have currently a bit more time to invest in spark.

Since there is always a bit tricky to create or apply patches for language files that contain special characters, I thought it would be a good idea to replace them by Unicode Escapes.

Like I did it with the German language file that I’ve attached.

What do you think?
spark_i18n_de.properties.zip (14111 Bytes)

I’m not sure i understand your question. You mean unicode codes like \uxxxx ? I have a table of such codes for lithuanian special characters and i copy them when i’m editing translation files in notepad, so i don’t need to do any conversion of a file. I thought this is the only way to do that Well, NetBeans is doing such conversion for you and you can put just special characters, but it is a bit heavyweight program to do just that