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Reporting On-Phone when they are not

Hello, I am using Jive Messenger 2.3 Beta 2 and Asterisk-IM 1.0.0 Beta 4 and appear to be having the following issue.

We have several CAPI trunks which ring through to SIP handsets. These SIP handsets often do Transfers and Blind Transfers to other handsets around the office. I unfortunately have not seen the exact moment, nor can I replicate it manually but the Status will remain as “On the phone” for users that are no longer using the phone.

Since it often does not often occur for a couple of hours of running use it is difficult to identify the exact cause.

Any ideas?


We’‘ve fixed a bunch of these types of issues since Beta 4. I’‘m not sure that every single case is nailed, but we’'re getting close. Look for a new release of Asterisk-IM on Thursday.



Hey Chris,

I have built a new version of the plugin that provides more debugging information that is helping us narrow down the problem. The new plugin also includes many bug fixes since beta 4 was out. Let me know if you are willing to use the new vesion so I can send it to you.


– Gato