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REQ.: MSN Gateway Server Contact List


First of all I would like to say that this plugin is brilliant. It works like a charm, the only thing that I think it´s missing is a way to control the users contact list via server.

Aside this implementation, we are very satisfied.



Howdy! It’‘s not entirely likely that I’‘m going to implement a way to edit a user’‘s contact list from the web. There’'s too much confusion that could occur if said actions were performed outside the context of an actual session where the user could interact. Would you mind explaining why you need this functionality? Maybe we can compromise. =)

Hi! Thanks for you reply. We are going to use it as an office tool, so all contacts must not be personal. The only way to ensure that our users will not use it as a personal tool is to have full control over it.

Yes, I know that using log we can nail some guys, but this would not be very practical. So, we want to have control of our users contacts (including those in the gateway).

Some people were here last week and made a demonstration of their product, that uses Jabber as base e has this kind of control. So, I said to my boss that we could have it for free and now he wants it… I´m screwd!!!

Anyway, thanks again.


grin Well even if you had the ability to edit their rosters, they could always add/remove roster items on their own. I don’'t think Openfire itself even supports “forced roster lists”. If you wanted mega control, I could almost see some sort of plugin that either:

  1. blocked communication with unapproved contacts (perhaps a central database of valid contacts)

  2. blocked adds of contacts that weren’'t on a list (see #1, but then again they could probably still IM folk not on their list)

  3. intercepted all add requests and required someone to ok them, storing them in some sort of queue.

Said plugin would be better served outside the context of the IM Gateway plugin. =) (ie, forget just handling the external services, have something written that would do it server wide regardless of the service it’'s using)

Most likely that functionality isn’‘t going to come free. =) I don’‘t know if you are at all interested in Jive’‘s Enterprise Openfire product, but you might want to talk to them and suggest such functionality. Sounds like something that would be a nice hot ticket item for them and they’‘d likely work with you on your needs. Like I said though, that’'s not likely to be free. =)

Sorry to hear about being “screwed”. I’‘ve certainly made my share of “oh yeah we can do this” statements only to find out that I was mistaken. =) It probably wouldn’‘t be too hard to write your own plugin for this kinda functionality if you wanted to spend some time on it and you’'ve got some java expertise!

yeap… an exclusive plugin for this sort of thing would be very nice. Unfortunately I don´t have java expertise and it´s not my intention to get involved in development.

Well, sad to hear that it (probably) could not be free when it looses the point of using this solution.

Again, thanks for your attention.



=) Yeah, I know whatcha mean.