[Request] Flash(not flex) chat client

Hi could anyone create me a simple application in flash(not flex) with xiff or something that can connect to a server? I tried sparkweb, xiff, smack, nothing worked for me. It may be the server itself, not allowing these kind of connections.

The server infos are:

server: chat.eun1.lol.riotgames.com

domain: pvp.net

user: anything password: anything ( put anything, if it gets “wrong login details” error it’s good ).

port 5223.

Some other infos. If i use spark and check the “old ssl port method” it works.

So I will be pleased if someone can make me a simple chat for this server. At least connection+login.

Thank you.

There are few plain AS3 examples here: http://paazmaya.com/tag=xiff

Nothing worked, that’s why i requested it.

Port 5223 is used for SSL connection, as you mentioned in your post as well: “old ssl port method”.

XIFF does not support SSL, but you can use TLS via XMPPTLSConnection.

Some examples are available here in the discussion forum.

Oh, didn’t know that xiff doesn’t support SSL. Okay, thanks then, I will look for the examples.

Can’t get it to work in any way. I get “Not Authorized” error… I tried xmpptls, i tried to config it in many way, searched all over the forum, but nothing worked.