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Request for feature: MSN and Yahoo

maybe wildfire could allow user to add and communicate with ppl in MSN/Yahoo etc… it can be on the server side or the client side (in this case, spark)… either ways…this is a request… this is PART OF project pampero… to make it more scaleable…

There is a gateway project in SVN. Yahoo is supported and a framework is available for any other Java integratino library.

Will the framework allow someone to create a plugin allowing people to use the MSN transport that already exists (pyMSN) even though it is not written in java?


why would you want to include plugins which are written in other languages? You should still be able to use pyMSN or any other external component.


I am currently running the PyMSNt gateway on my Wildfire 2.6.0 beta version. Running like a top. it interoperates well with Wildfire. I dont see where a feature for this should be written unless ofcourse it gives some new widget that the py~ gateway doesn’'t.


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