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Request Header Pragma not allowed


I have a issue when I want to connect with my client to the openfire(BOSH connection). I receive an error that “Pragma” request header is not allowed.

As client I use GWT emite 0.7 and as server Openfire 3.7.2 beta.

I’m aware that my client sends this request header in the first request (http option method) to connect to the server. The problem is that I could not find a way to configure the server to support this header. Looking at the source I saw that: HttpBindManager.HTTP_BIND_CORS_ALLOW_HEADERS_DEFAULT contains list of allowed headers. When the OPTION request is served by HttpBindServlet only the default allowed headers are set in the response.

I added “Pragma” in HTTP_BIND_CORS_ALLOW_HEADERS_DEFAULT, build the server again and I was able to connect.

My question is: Is there more proper way to do this, I do not want to use hacks.

Thank you in advance,

HttpBindManager.java.zip (5160 Bytes)