[Request] Make sharing group with external groups independent from internal sharing

We habe an application for openfire where it is used for psychological counseling. Therefore it is necessary for all users in the group “clients” to be visible to all users in the group “counselers” but the members of “clients” shall never be allowed to see or add eachother. Easiest way to achieve this would be making the internal and external sharing of groups independent from each other. As I think that such an improvement of the group-sharing-option could be helpful for other apllications in buisness, I propose this addition to the core-features of the group-sharing-system.

Kind regards


I might be barking up the wrong tree, but maybe check out the Fastpath plugins for both OpenFire and Spark…

Thank you for the tip, but in our application the clients are using Jitsi to intiate a video-call to the therapists. Fastpath might solve this in some apllications, but I think a little more flexibility in the groupsharing would help in much more applications and adds less overhead. Don’t get me wrong, Openfire works like a charm, only this tiny detail with inhibiting the clients from seeing other people in the same group has to be solved.



Maybe you can achieve this with Packet Filter plugin. Such feature requests don’t get much attention as there are no active ful ltime developers, just a few volunteers doing some fixes in their spare time.

Thanks for this information. The Paket Filter ist able to drop communication between the members of a group but it does not prevent them from having each other on their rosters.

I’m well aware, that Openfire depens on the spare-time efforts of volunteers and I’m grateful for their work. But as I have not the necessary time and knowlege to patch the source myself I can only point people on what functions might be a nice addition in the future. And don’t worry, I don’t expect immediate implementation of this feature.