Request or question: tags sorting

I wish tags in thread’s footer would be sorted alphabetically and not by adding time. What do you think?


I’d like to see only the singular and never plural of words within tags. So ‘bug’ and not ‘bugs’ and ‘tag’ and not ‘tags’. And one should spell check the tags to avoid ‘opnefire’ as a tag.

But who cares? Tags which are not often used are likely never visible and if you choose to add five tags to your post I wonder where will look at them or when do you see tags. I usually look at the title of the post and read then the text without looking at the tags (the are actually not visible until I scroll down). And I don’t use the tag clouds to look for posts.

So I think it does not matter if they are ordered or not as it does help no one.

And as far as I know they are ordered by the way you add them, and you can always change the order. If you are sure that you have a ‘clearspace’ ‘issue’ you may add those two first … I think it’s just right that the more obvious tags are added and displayed first.