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Request plugin for attachments to chat

Hello to all

I just installed and configured a local server Openfire

I would like to ask if you can use the chat that different User can exchange documents attached as pictures zipper etc. … should serve as a plugin to be installed on the server … I wanted to know if it is possbile to do such a thing … hello to all and thanks

Yes, with Spark as your client, you can use the file transfer button or the screenshot button located in the top right of your chat window.

But to have these two buttons I have to download a plugin? if so what is it? thanks for your help

No, if you use Spark as your client, it is built in by default in the 2.6.3 release.


In OpenFire, you will need to enable File Transfer.

as a client use one that gave me the link … I can not find the item to enable the file transference in the console ammistrazione of OpenFire … as I understand it I do not have to download any plugins but only enable the File Transfer I can not find … could you tell me where to enable the voice … thanks

In Openfire Admin Interface go to Server --> Server Settings --> File Transfer Settings

File Transfer Proxy Settings This item is already enable port 777 on spark but I do not see the buttons …

I can’t be 100% sure, but i tink it is not necessary to enable this option in Openfire. File transfer should work, unless some strict firewall rules are in place (works between Win7 and XP).

What version of Spark are you useing, teo? As jason said, there should be such buttons in your Spark client (specifically in the chat window).

I answer the question of versoine Spark 2.6.3 for OSX and LinuxUbuntu … still does not work file transfer …

I’m trying with two windows 7 and Spark 2.6.3 client with the server openfire on UbuntuLinux … everything works but will not let me exchange it nen photos and documents there is no button for attachments leave me alone chat between people … I would like to use it in the office also to exchange documents … I do not know what to do … of the two windows7 I opened the firewall, both incoming and outgoing but nothing … anyone know how I can do thanks

As i said, there is no need for file proxy option. It is disabled on my server and file transfers work ok.

Now about OSX and Ubuntu. I have tried to put Sun’s Java on newest Ubuntu version and gave up. They can go to hell with their free linux… It is easier on say Arch linux or other normal distros. Can’t tell anything about OSX. Can you make a screenshot of your chat window, i want to see that there is indeed no file transfer button.

I figured out the problem I had put in contacts no

Newly added I could send the file … thanks to all … now go with voip see if it works …