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Request to remove Spark MSI installers from Downloads

This is a request to remove MSI installers of Spark from Downloads page. Experienced users know that these installers have bugs. Often issues arise for users using Spark with MSI installer and usually these issues do not appear if they switch to EXE installer. I can’t imagine what have caused this (probably they were build not from the same source as EXE ones). As an alternative people can build their own (and much better) MSI installers with custom tools. Also there is some work done to provide MSI installers for the community. Check the Latest SVN version doc attachments. Well, this installer also will have bugs, as the latest SVN code has them, but at least they are affecting not just MSI and are known and will be fixed sooner or later.

Feel free to comment (Todd ) on this. There is no hurry to remove them. But i think it would be better to try alternative installers, build your own and not waste your and our time for long discussions just to find out that the cause of issues were these installers.

I speak about:

spark_2_5_8.msi MSI package, includes Java JRE November 14, 2007 42.76 MB

spark_2_5_8_online.msi Online MSI package, does not include Java JRE November 14, 2007 16.70 MB

For me it’s fine to remove them.

Downloads have been removed.

Great. Now i’ll look what else can we remove Seriously, some users report problems with linux tar.gz version. I will have to test that myself first.

Any plans to create/provide a fully working msi or does anyone know where I can get 1 from?

Depends what you call “fully working”. As i said you can find some proposed msi installers in the doc i gave a link in the first post.