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Request: update build.properties in SVN

Could I request that the /trunk/build/build.properties file be updated in SVN?

Specifically, include the external references in this file, along with details of where to download these external resources from. (And while doing so, perhaps remove the hard coded references within the /trunk/build/build.xml file.)

Here is a proposed contents of the file:

Advanced Installer (commercial; Free edition available)

available from http://www.advancedinstaller.com/

advinst.path=C:\Program Files\Caphyon\Advanced Installer 7.2.1

install4j (commercial)

vailable from http://www.ej-technologies.com/products/install4j/overview.html

installer.install4j.home=C:\Program Files\xxx

IzPack (Open Source)

Available from http://izpack.org/


Launch4J (Open Source)

Available from http://launch4j.sourceforge.net/


Inno Setup (Open Source)

Available from http://www.jrsoftware.org/isinfo.php

innosetup.dir=C:\Program Files\Inno Setup 5

Attached is a patch generated by Eclipse, with the path root being the “Selection”
patch.txt.zip (539 Bytes)

I’ve filed this as SPARK-1115. Though i have questions. I understand that this is mostly for the info, but maybe there shouldn’t be versions numbers in the paths?


Thanks for adding this to JIRA.

The reason for the version numbers in the path is that these packages, by default, include the version numbers in their installation paths. Also, thinking ahead, if at some point it is discovered that a specific version is needed, then we are covered. But, the real purpose is to place all of the configurable file paths / components into the build.properties file; this is the only file a developer should modify (by setting the correct installation paths) if she is wanting to simply build the application. Contrast the use of the build.properties file with the current configuration route whereby a developer must search through the build.xml file to discover all of the file paths that need to be set.

Does this approach make sense?