Requesting vCard issue

I want to obtain the current users vcard through JwChat from Jive Messenger. The code in JwChat to send the request is:

iq = new JSJaCIQ();


iq.getNode().appendChild(iq.getDoc().createElement(’‘vCard’’)).setAttribute(’‘x mlns’’,’‘vCard:vcard-temp’’);


Here’'s the audit of the packages exchanged:

Consequently, jwchat “notices” the error a bit later, and crashes IE if trying to close/logout before that…

Is the request for the vcard malformed? The vcard not available? any light on this would be great!

After all, steve gave me some bad advice the correct way seems to be (according to steve)


iq.getNode().appendChild(iq.getDoc().createElement(’‘vCard’’)).setAttribute(’‘xm lns’’,’‘vcard-temp’’);

Yet the reply is empty

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