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Required to go through setup each time a reboot is done

I have just installed Openfire 3.9.3 on a new server (2012 R2) and each time I stop and start openfire, or if I reboot the server, I have to re-run the setup. The logs still show the proper users configured as administrators when I get in, so it seems like nothing has changed, but I can’t connect users to the server until the setup is completed. Has anyone run into this? If so, do you know the fix?

I have installed the server in C:\Apps\Openfire after reading about permissions issues causing it to not start if it’s in the program files folders, in case that is pertinent information.

Try to set the create+write permissions for openfire.xml to everyone and run setup again. It should be modified after setup.

I will give that a shot as soon as I can access the server again.