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Requirement of a separate client port for Wildfire

Hi all,

I have installed the Wildfire Server by deploying it in the Tomcat webserver and have managed to connect to it using the Spark client. I have configured the Spark client to connect to Wildfire on port 80. My tomcat server listens on port 8080.

My query is why do we need to have a separate client port for Wildfire even when it is deployed in a Web Container. Ideally, I would like all requests to Wildfire from Spark to be routed through the Tomcat server, but that does not seem to be the case with the Spark client communicating with Wildfire on port 80 instead of 8080.

I tried to have Spark connect to Wildfire on port 8080 (by changing the client port in the Widlfire admin console) but could not connect.

The simple idea is in a web based Widlfire deployment, I would like all requests to come via the webserver, so I would only like to have the webserver port open, i.e. i would like the client port to be the same as the webserver port. I do not want to open a separate client port in the firewall.

Any ideas, whether this is feasible, or am i missing something here?

Thanks in advance for any help offered.



you are mixing HTTP and XMPP - this will never work as the protocols are not compatible.

If you want to offer HTTP or HTTPS then you need a browser to connect - this is currently port 8080 and you are using it for the Wildfire Admin Console.

If you install JHB and JWChat/MUCkl you’'ll have a web application which supports port 80/443 and nearly every browser but it will not support XMPPs client like Spark, Neos, PSI, …