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I am currently testing Openfire as an eventual replacement for our current IM platform (Antepo). About a month or so ago, I was able to find an excellent document (webpage) on Openfire’s system requirements. Now the webpage does not exist. Can someone please tell me where to find a definitive document on Openfire’s hardware and OS reqirements? The document which has been referenced and that I refer to used to be located at: titled: “Openfire and Spark Requirements”. Is there a plan to repost this document? I just want to ensure that I have the most up-to-date information availble. Thanks.


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Yes, I’m looking for it to. i need it very much to complete my proposal about the needed of EIM in my company. Please, can anyone help us here?

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The wayback machine still has a copy of it (dated aug 13 2007), which may help in case you need it in a hurry: penfire/resources/requirements.jsp

This information would be very helpful to me as well. However, the link you provided no longer works. Is there some other location we can get this information from? It seems strange to me that with all of the documentation that exists for openfire/ spark, I cannot find a single simple place which tells me the system requirements for running the server or for archiving messages.

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Openfire and Spark Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Database with a
    driver, or use the embedded pure Java database.

  • Java 5: because Openfire (formerly Wildfire) is a pure Java application, it will run on any platform where
    Java 5 (JDK 1.5 or better) is available.

Software & Hardware Options

  • Operating Systems

  • Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows 2003

  • Linux, Solaris, or other Unix with Java 5 support

  • Mac OS X

  • Databases

  • MySQL (4.1.x or better recommended)

  • Oracle (9i or better recommended)

  • Postgres (7.x or better recommended)

  • IBM DB2 (v7 or better recommended)

  • SQL Server (2000 or better recommended)

  • Sybase

  • HSQL DB (also used as the embedded database)

  • Any other database that has a robust JDBC 2.0 compliant driver

Hardware Recommendations

Concurrent Users



At least 384 MB of available RAM and one 1.5 GHz processor.


At least 768 MB of available RAM and one 3.0 GHz processor.


At least 1.5 GB of available RAM, two 3 GHz processors, and one

connection manager\

on the same machine.


At least 2.0 GB of available RAM, two 3 GHz processors, and between 1 and 4

connection managers\

based on exact size, each on their own equivalent machine.

Additional Recommendations

We recommend a backup solution for server-side applications. At a minimum you should back up your database on

a regular basis as well as the configuration files for Openfire (note, these are stored in one directory).

A backup solution will help you recover from hardware failures or human error (it’s been known to happen!).