Hello everybody!

I need some help… I have the Openfire working normally, sending messages by Ofchat, with the help of the REST API, but its development has been paralyzed. Is there any other that can be used? The plane REST API messages in broadcast, but not individually to each user.

Any suggestion?


Hi Fabio,

The REST API is not intended to completely replace the XMPP functionality that’s provided by Openfire. If you are interested in building a solution that sends and receives messages, then I would recommend using an XMPP library instead of the REST API. XMPP libraries (like our own Smack library for Java) are widely available for most platforms. Have a look at the ‘library’ section of the software listing at the website of the XMPP Standards Foundation for a sample of the available tooling.

I hope this helps!

Thanks! Very good! Interesting, but does this library allow sending messages by http request?

No, they are distinct things. XMPP is a protocol similar to how HTTP is a protocol.