Research Questions need answers

I’m researching into a IM tool for our company. It seems like Openfire might be a good fit, but I couldn’t find quick answers to a few questions:

  1. We’re looking for something that will be mostly plug-and-play. We don’t have resources availible for customizing much. How stable is the system, and most plug-ins? How easy is it to customize if needed?

  2. Is there a canned plug-in for integration with Sharepoint or similar?

  3. Is there a canned plug-in for desktop/application sharing?

Thanks for ideas/answers to these basic questions

  1. It is fairly simple and very stable as long as you don’t jump at every new update the moment it is released (sorry daniel).

  2. It works with most LDAP systems such as Active Directory

  3. No there is screen sharing plugin, but there is screen capture.

for 3) there is a Java based screen sharing function via Dele’s Red5 plugin for Spark.