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Researching Scalability

I’‘m looking for an XMPP server to base a new project on, and I’‘m trying to decide between Wildfire and ejabberd. I like just about everything about Wildfire better than ejabberd, but I’'m concerned about scalability, and have a few questions:

  1. Does the Pampero project include clustering?

  2. If not, are there plans to implement a clustering solution? Has the code been started? Is there an ETA?

  3. Is there an ETA on the Pampero project?




We aim to have the first version of Pampero available in the next couple of months. Rest assured that we won’'t be satisfied until Wildfire easily beats the scalability of ejabberd or any other IM server.

Clustering is a different project than Pampero but will be the thing we address after Pampero is out.



Thanks, Matt.


On that whole clustering thing, count me in to test. I can put 3-5 servers together in 30 to 45 days on varied continents if needed (NA, SA, EU, ASIA). My company has a huge global footprint and currently that is the only unanswered issue I have in my choice of Wildfire over ejabberd.