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Reset admin password for embedded DB version of Wildfire

I’‘ve lost the password for my Wildfire server because I haven’'t administered it for a long time and never put the password in a safe place.

Is there any way to reset the Admin password if I’‘m using the embedded DB version of Wildfire? I’‘ve seen all the ways of issuing SQL statements to other database types, but those don’'t apply to the embedded DB, do they?

Please help a hapless idiot!

  • Joe

Hey Joe,

Stop the server and edit the embedded-db/wildfire.script" file. There you will find an INSERT for the jiveUser table. If you are not using encrypted passwords then you will see your password. If you are using encrypted then change the encrypted value to NULL and set a new value to the unencrypted column. Save the file, restart the serve and log into the admin console.


– Gato

Hi Joe,

you need to shutdown Wildfire before you can start the db-tool in the bin/extra folder to use SQL. But using a text editor may be more easy, if the password is not yet encrypted you can also read it right now without the need to stop Wildfire.

Look for the line which starts with >INSERT INTO JIVEUSER VALUES(’‘admin’’,<. If it continues with >NULL,’’,nsdfkjhe’’< you may want to stop Wildfire and change this to >’‘xyz’’,NULL< to set xyz as a new password. Otherwise you should be able to read the password and login.