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Reset admin password - OF 4.0.4

We had a recent employee move on I’m trying to locate the admin account password but at this point I have exhausted all my options.

Is there anyway to reset or recover the admin password or create a new admin manually? I cannot login to the admin portal.

If you are not using LDAP integration, try this. Stop Openfire, edit /openfire/conf/openfire.xml and check tag to false. Run Openfire and go through the setup again leaving all previous settings in place. On the admin user page put anything into current password field and set new password. Continue till the last step and try to login to Admin Console with the new password you have set.

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We’re using LDAP integration to Authenicate our Active Directory users for the Spark Client, however the Admin Console login is not part of LDAP.

Does that make sense?

If you know your LDAP settings for Openfire to put them during setup (not sure if this will be automatically put when rerunning the setup) you can still try this. Make backup first.

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You’re correct they’re not automatically put in. Working on it now. thank you!

Another thing that can work (without rerunning the setup) is by adding some user as admin to openfire.xml, logging in with it and then changing default admin’s password. https://community.igniterealtime.org/message/247679#comment-247679

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I ended up just creating a new VM and installing Openfire from scratch.

I did find out that the Openfire install with LDAP is a PITA.

Thank you for your help wroot!

I know. That’s why i have decided not to go with LDAP integration years ago

Hi wroot,

I want to reset my admin/password. I follow these to change to false. However, I was asked to enter “current password” in the setup. Even I use “admin” as the password, it fails.

Besides, can I use any valid email as admin? like “gmail”?


You can try something from here I have forgotten my Admin Console password.

Email is never used anywhere, so it doesn’t matter what you put in there.