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Reset openfire database but keep database and ldap config

IT seems that my database is in an undefined state causing error’s i can’t put back to a working via configuration in the ui. Moreover i migrated from 3.6 to 3.8 and many of the changes and data entered (ldap muser and gorup roatser) on the way seems to be orphans.

I think it would be best to startover with the database, therefore i wann just “empty” the database. However the database connection shall stays the same.

What do i have to do if i want empty the database and rerun the config wizard. Its that possible without restarting the opnefire server?

Is database source, and ldap config, and install state saved in a local file i have to edit? Could i go back to old state if i reimport a database backup? What is saved in the running instance in singleton in memory, that woudl need a fresh restart?