Reset password at spark

can we reset the password of users,if the users forget their password??

we reset the password through SPARK or OPENFIRE?

You can’t reset or change password in Spark. Only the admin can change a password in the Admin Console (if using local users, no the LDAP users).

wroot,so i can reset the password throught OPENFIRE using admin user?

You can’t reset. Reset in my understanding is when a user is presented with a message, that he has to think of a new password and enter it. In Openfire you can only change the password (go to Users/Groups, press on a user, go to Password sub-menu and enter the new password two times, press Update Password). Then you should inform the user what the new password is. So the next time he launches Spark, he can enter the new password on the login screen.

i did it…i just typed new password and i updated it . Consequently, she could login again.

i forget my passwod so how can i reset my password (admin password )

See How to Reset Admin Password on Openfire version 4.3.1+ for details.