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Reset Password. Database Question

We are using OpenFire with the embedded database.

On occasion, our OpenFire server can’t authenticate and won’t let the administrators in. The result is that we reset the system by changing the tag in openfire.xml to read false. This allows us to reset the file and gain access.

After doing this, our users need to recreate their contact lists and add their external accounts again.

Does reseting the server as described above clear the embedded database?

  • EarloftheWest

No it does not. You have some other issue in play here because all your data seems to be getting lost. I would switch to an external DB the next time since you are losing the data anyway.


you may want to check whether you have enough free space. The embedded database does write to embedded-db/openfire.script and this file may grow up to 200 MB.


It can get even larger if you are logging chats. I have seen log files in excess of a gig.


Thanks for your answer.

We’re just beta testing at this stage. We plan on rolling this out to our 125 users shortly. We plan on archiving all the conversations. Sounds like an external database is the way to go?

Is it worth trying to figure out why we’re losing data when we reset?

  • EarloftheWest

Thanks, LG.

This is a new install so our embedded database is small.


you may want to verify whether Openfire can write the embedded-db/openfire.log file. This file will reach 200 MB. The openfire.script file may get even larger. The openfire.log should grow every time you modify something in the web gui or when chats are stored.

As you plan to archive every chat message you really want to use an external database.