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Reset password or uninstall openfire (really uninstall)


I think I will go crazy very soon with open fire. Everything started when I changed the server name and just wanted to rester the server. There is no RESTART button, I looked everywhere, and the command lines like “/opt/openfire/bin/openfire start” didn’t work… so, I just thoughts - whatever… I will just re-install it… and I relaunched install package. Now I’m not able to login at all!!! I’m stuck on Login page - the setup process do not launch anymore and the account I created previuosly do not work.



Just wondering - is it really ocmplex thing to add Restart button???

Do you want to make fresh install or save your current database? To stop Openfire run /opt/openfire/bin/openfire stop (if this doesn’t work, then you will have to kill Openfire process). Then, if you want to make a fresh installation, you can delete /opt/openfire folder and start new installation. If you want to save your database and configuration, after stopping the service, edit /openfire/conf/openfire.xml and change tag to false. Start Openfire and go through a web setup process again.

Can’t answer about the restart thing, not a developer myself. Maybe it is complex, or maybe it wasn’t done because of secirity concerns.