Resize Desktop Sharing window

Does anyone know if it’s possible to resize the desktop sharing window. It’s pretty small. I can resize the window itself, but the content inside the window doesn’t resize.

screen.html in screen folder

<img id=“mympeg” width=“xx” height=“yy”>

For clarification to change the setting to be 800x600 edit the screen.html to be the same as the following (only line 5 is changed from the original html)

<title>Screen Capture</title>


<body oncontextmenu=“return false” TOPMARGIN=0 LEFTMARGIN=0 MARGINWIDTH=0 MARGINHEIGHT=0 onload=“startShow()”>

<img id=“mympeg” width=“800” height=“600”>



Is there a way to improve the quality of the broadcast? Even at 100% the shared view is blocky and not that great (even adjusted to 1280x1024 which is the resolution I use on my computer).

The resizing does work, but it does get very blurry, even at 100% quality. Is this something that’s fixable ?

You can contact the author of the screen capture application to make that change. I suspect that the screen resolution is reduced to manage the server bandwidth.

Hey folks, let me ask for sorry for that question that i want to make: what plugin or feature is this? im very curious.

Thx !!!


I’m using the Desktop sharing feature of the red5 plugin.

I did try to contact the author of the screen capture application and I’m not having much luck. Anyone else out there have any success increasing the screen resolution after changing the window size ?

I have checked the source code to open meetings and attached the screen capture application in case anyone is free to make the changes and build a new application. (167729 Bytes)