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Resize Red5


Is there a one on one red5 meeting the end user can start? And away to resize the window - its kinda small!


yeah!!! I wanna know this too!!!

I will add a 320x240 window in the next version.


dele you’re a star :D!!! A larger chat window was the only thing missing.

As far as the other question posted: a one on one red5 session is a call (right-click on a contact - last item on the menu).


I have done a 320x240 version and attached it to this email. The source code in Openlaszlo is provided as well to create any other sizes you may want. Copy all files into the video folder. You can move the Openlaszlo source file video320x240.lzx into the video/src if you like.


video320x240.zip (80235 Bytes)

I have copied the files and played with them. From Spark I still get the original small video screens. When trying out the video320x240.html file in the browser I get no video or audio. Server Windows 2003, Client XP or Vista with both IE and FF.

As far as Openlaszlo source files, can you point me to a get-me-started tutorial?

  • Jeroen