[Resolved] Problem sending messages to google talk under load (3.1.0)

Hi all,

This is my first message to this community. I participate in a project where we develop, among other things, a google-talk-bot, and this we do with Smack. So far, we’ve been using 3.1.0, and things have been working fine. We’ve run into a little problem, though: when we tried to have too many (only about 12) other users talking to our bot at the same time (each in her own chat), we suddenly see that messages we try to send out are reported to us as if they were just received. Because our bot then tries to respond to them, this creates a happy, near-infinite loop, and thins break. The other users don’t receive the messages. We don’t see anything of the sort when we have, say, just 4 users – then everything is peachy.

Has anyone encountered anything like that? Do you think moving to Trunk can solve it (I’m going to try anyway, but will appreciate any informed hints)?



(feeling stupid) oh, scratch that. That’s what happens when you don’t check the message type on messages you receive.