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Resource question


i have this question…

how can i display all the open resources…

i mean… if i log in with a resource of ‘‘home’’

and then i log in in different computer by the same jid but with other resource.

how can one client see the the other client(other resource)…because i tried to add my self but with different resource and it didnt do anything… it reacted like this user is already in the roster…


You can try a code like this:

// Show other current user''s presences
    Iterator presences = roster.getPresences(connection.getUser());
    if (presences != null) {
        while (presences.hasNext()) {
            Presence presence = (Presence)presences.next();


– Gato

i tried this code andt it doesnt work.

i connected with the same user but differnet resource with exodus and i didnt see nothing… the iterator is empty.

can u check it out?

another thing:

when i first log in and then exodus logs in (with the same jid but different resource)… the connection is closed .(my connection is closed and the exodus cant login - authenticate) why is that?

and when exodus first log in and then my client logs in the connection doesnt close… and i cant see the other resource but the exudos show my reource in his list.

something strange…