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Resource Selection

In the Future will Spark support multiple resource selection?

It’‘s such a big thing with many of the companies I’‘ve set up and it’'s what makes the company decide to not use Spark.

A lot of clients like to be logged in at Home, on their laptop, AND at work all at the same time.

Instead of them having to always remember setting their priorities correctly, they would like an option to choose which resource they are sending a message to.

I’‘ve already written and sent in a patch for this very feature and a full release later I haven’‘t seen/heard anything about it. I’'m guessing it needed something or maybe jive found a bug with it.

Other then this, Spark is an excellent piece of software that I use a lot. I just have my own version


digicyc at gmail dot com

Hi Cyclone,

you may either want to pray or try to sponsor Igniterealtime to add such a feature. Otherwise it may rotting in the mail inbox.


Yeah… I feel this app has gotten REALLY pretty… but less functional.

I’‘ve got a few people running a spark version I’'ve been maintaining.

I’‘m actually looking to possibly branch off. I don’'t think more code for Theme changing and more UI advancements is needed with spark.

The best luck to jive and Derek, but Spark is no longer for me. Do what you want with the code I’'ve submitted.


SSO may still be a very nice Spark feature. It’‘s really a little bit sad that Openfire and Spark are open source but the development is limited to a few developers. It’'s really time consuming to test patches so asking Derek every week may help. Anyhow one should be able to use the current Spark version for a year without the need for updates and maybe then the code found its way into Spark.


Thanks LG, You’'ve always been very helpful here man.

It has been close to a year where Derek tells me “Yeah it’'s great and will be put in Next Patch.”

Then only 1/3 of my .patch is put in which can possibly cause a problem which then he removes it all and then focuses on more features. It’‘s a great company and all, it’‘s just this has been the hardest opensource project to communicate with. I understand being strict about what gets put in and there is a certain roadmap to follow, but being told "it’'s great" for all this time yet nothing actually happening… Just a tad frustrating.


Deep apologies that your patch didn’‘t get acted on. Unfortunately, I can’‘t offer a really good excuse. We’'ve had difficulties accepting patches into Spark based on how the client gets developed. I like to think that Openfire is a different story, though.



Oh I can offer a good reason. I work on 4 different projects (Spark, Fastpath, Skinning, Flex) as well as helping out the rest of the company with support and doing some professionl service gigs. I’‘m sorry your patch didn’‘t get applied, but I feel I’'ve been very responsive in putting in and fixing what the majority of the community is asking for. I can understand the frustration of not getting your patch applied, and I did think it was great, but it just really slipped through the cracks. Sorry about that.



so can we look forward seeing it in the next wagon of the release train ?!

Well… quit being so damn busy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish there was something I could do as far as helping you out Derek. Off loading some of the duties with Spark or something.