Resource Usage

Hi friends,

I am trying to do some homework before installing Wildfire. We have about 30 users on our LAN who I would like to link together with Wildfire for business communication. Should I expect Wildfire to take up a lot of system resources with only 30 users (not federating with any other services)? Would it be feasible to install Wildfire on our caching server running Squid and DansGuardian?

Thanks in advance for your recommendations!


Hi Matthew,

With 30 users you’‘d be fine just to let Wildfire run with it’‘s default settings which on a *nix box will use 128MB of memory. Processor wise, with the number of users you’‘re looking at you won’'t need a lot of horsepower.

We actually have a community member that ran Wildfire on a 200MHz(?) box with 64MB of RAM total that served ~100 users, so assuming you have a relatively modern machine you should be good to go.

Hope that helps,


Thanks so much Ryan for your help!