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Where is the resourcename stored on the wildfire server or in the spark settings?

Is there a way to get to it and display it next to the JID



Hi Veena,

I think the 1st question is answered here: http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/message.jspa?messageID=120071 (The resource name is in the Wildfire database).

You could display it if you look at the XMPP debugger, there you see it right now. If some people like this idea it may become a feature request. I don’'t care if the other party is at home, office or using its mobile phone.


hi LG,

I have not been able to see the table in which it is stored since I am using SQL server…Any ideas??

Hi Veena,

maybe this information is wrong. I don’‘t see it either also if I trace the executed SQL statements and I start to wonder why should Wifi store it. It’'s a temporary information which is needed for each connection but storing connection information in the database makes no sense and should decrease the performance a lot. But it will be stored for offline messages.