REST API Installation Problem

Hi everybody, I am new in OPENFIRE and I need help with the installation of the REST API plugin.

I have installed the last stable version of the Openfire server (3.10.3) on a Windows platform and everything works great. Now I need to install the rest api plugin but I have some issues:

I have installed the last version of the REST Api plugin (1.2.1) through the admin control.

The installation of the plugin has not produced any error. After the plugin installation, I have checked that a new file “restAPI.jar” and a new folder “restapi” have been created in “C:\Program Files\Openfire\plugins\restapi”, and I also see that a new menu item “REST API” has been added under the menu “Server->Server Settings” in the admin control website.

The problem is that when I click on this REST API item, I am forwarded correctly forwarded to but instead of getting a page to configure the plugin I get a blank page : . Furthermore, the REST/HTTP requests that I send to the Openfire server do not seem to work.

Am I missing something? I have installed other plugins on the server(Monitoring Service, DB Access ,…) without any issue.

PS: I have seen in the changelog file of the Api plugin (1.2.1) the following information:

"1.2.0 – October 12th, 2015

  • [OF-953] - Updated JSP libraries.
  • Requires Openfire 3.11.0."
    The version of Openfire that I have installed is 3.10.3. Could there be an incompatibility between Openfire 3.10.3 and the REST Api plugin 1.2.1?

I asked the plugin author this exact question when the 1.2.1 release reverted back to 3.10.0 for minimum openfire version.

It seems to be a compatibility problem in the REST API v. 1.2.1 . Please use the latest working version REST API 1.1.7

Thank you @Redeyes ! I have installed REST API 1.1.7 plugin in my Openfire server (3.10.3) and every works like a charm!

@Redeyes the link to REST API 1.1.7 doesnt seem to work