REST API Plugin: MUC affiliation update kicks all users

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I’m using the REST API Plugin to configure “team-internal” MUCs that are set to members-only. When a new user should be added to the channel, I send an update request to the REST API. The problem is that the Role update is implemented such that all roles are revoked first and requested roles are then re-added afterwards, which makes the server temporarily kick all users. While they’re being re-added with the “member” role afterwards, their XMPP clients display a message saying that they have been removed from the channel due to an affiliation change, and they have to manually re-join all members-only channels.

I tracked down the problem to the method This method would have to read the list of current roles and compute a diff that it then needs to apply, instead of wiping and re-applying everything.

I’d be happy to help, provided that a potential PR is welcome and has the chance of being merged in a not-too-distant future (otherwise, I’d have to implement a workaround…)

Using Openfire 4.0.3.

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Hi Mike,

PRs are definitely welcome and if accepted, such a change would get a new REST API plugin release made.


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