Rest Api


I downloaded and installed V 4.0.0 and navigated to the plugin page and couldnt find rest api on the list. Done a manual import and still no success. I decided to downgrade to 3.9.3 (last working one that i used) and the plugin was there. installed the rest api plugin again and navigated to the server > server settings to Rest API. i click on it and i get a blank page.

Any solution on how to fix this.




i just recheck that, and the REST API plugin (1.2.1) works definitely with openfire 4.0.

I loaded it over the openfire web console. (http://localhost:9090/available-plugins.jsp)

@Redeyes this is strange. the full list of plugins dont load on my openfire installed. 5 in total. and rest api happens to be the most important plugin i need lol. as soon as i click on it it seems to load and then a blank page. the same as REST API Installation Problem however ive installed openfire on my ubuntu server.

any ideas on how to work around this?

The problem with the blank page was the incompatibility of the plugin to openfire version < 3.10. It’s seems to be that the old plugin 1.1.7 is not anymore available.

I would recommend you to use the openfire 4.0. I think something was wrong by the update to 4.0. Try completely new installation of 4.0.

ok i shall give that a try and prey it works. will post an update. thank you for the info

Ok some feedback as previously mentioned @Redeyes . removed openfire from my server and done a full reboot and reinstalled openfire V4.0.0.

This time plugins loaded and all plugins installed without issues.

So case closed