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Restart the server from the admin-console

maybe im just a bit too blind but is there a way to restart the server from the admin console? i saw you can stop it but i want that it just restart…any help would be great…

p.s: i love jive…its a awsome simple jabber server. we run it here in our company

this was one of my suggestions in my first thread there:) There is no restart option in Admin Console and Launcher. So you must stop and then start server. If you are using Windows you can just restart JM service in services.msc or write some bat script using messenger-service.exe /stop

messenger-service.exe /start


in Linux you can do almost the same with /bin/messenger stop and /bin/messenger start, but im just restarting my linux machine:) Well, i only need to restart server in testing phase so it’'s not really “must be” function:)

Because of the way the server is launched, it’‘s not currently possible for us to have a restart option in the admin console. We hope to add this in the future. For now, wroot’'s suggestions are probably the best way to go.



thank you that with the script is a awsome idea…mostly we dont need to restart but when then its always some work all over vnc

i’'m using PuTTY+SSH:)

yes thats alot better but i just have here a win2k server but i would love to run this service on a linux machine. but hey at least it works except the windows downtime