restartStream delayed response

I am developing a chat client using the XIFF library. Due to firewalling we are using the XMPPBOSHConnection to talk to the server but I am experiencing some issues at login. The initial connection response is received very quickly but then a call is made via the restartStream method in the class and the response from this call is not received until the interval established by the ‘wait’ parameter defined at the creation of the session has passed. Is the ‘wait’ variable supposed to affect the restart call in this way? If not, how do I fix the problem? The other issue I have run into is that the protocol for polling calls does not seem to be implemented correctly. The issue is that after a successful login a polling call is made and the session is immediately terminated. The reason given for the termination is that a second polling call was made within the interval specified by the ‘polling’ setting in the session. As I understand it, this should only happen if 2 calls with empty stanzas are made within the polling interval whereas in this case the polling call that triggers the termination follows a non-empty call. The issue does not appear to be in the XIFF code but rather somewhere in the java side of things.

Thanks for your time.


Whoohoo! I updated to openfire 3.6.0 and all the problems with the delayed login and polling seem to be resolved.