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Restrict Agents to only allow chat to Management

We have the OpenFire server linked up with AD. We already have groups with the users created in AD. We want the following to happen.

Agents can see and chat with Management.

Management can see and chat with Agents.

Agents cannot see or chat with other Agents.

From what I have found playing around in the administration panel I need to edit the agents group in order for management to see the agents. If I do this management sees the agents but the agents can also see the other agents. I have found that Packet Filter will restrict messaging between the agents but they will still see the agents in their group and when they try and send a message they get no notification that it didn’t go through. I can see this becoming a problem so I am hoping someone has a solution.

Is there anyway to share the Agents group with Management without the Agents seeing other Agents?

Nobody has an idea if this is possible or not?

i think there is no solution so far… JM-802

http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins/packetfilter/readme.html may work.