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Restricting access to transports to local users


Is it possible to disallow outside users from registering with my transports?


Hi Keith,

“outside” users are for you users which did not register on your server, aren’'t they?

You may want to read http://wiki.blathersource.org/wiki/index.php/Remote_Access and verify whether you did set up DNS records, eg. “*.yourjabberdomain” so everyone can use all components (conference, pubsub, …).

If you don’'t want to change your DNS settings you may be able to write a Wifi server plugin like the content filter which restricts access to certain components based on domain names. So one could also block “outside” users to access the search service.


Thanks for the answer, I thought this was the case. I was just hoping there were ACLs I could create like ejabberd has.