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Restricting access to transports

I just setup my Jive Messenger to authenticate against LDAP/Active Directory. I now have an Active Directory group that I can add people to to give them access to the chat server.

There is one additional item that I need to see if there is a way we can do. We currently have the PyMSN transport installed but we only want specific people to be able to access it. Is there any way that I can do this? Either through the Jive Messenger options or PyMSN’'s?



Hey Nathan,

We don’‘t have support for that and I don’‘t know if PyMSNt has. You may post the question in their forum and let us know what they answer. If they don’'t support that then you may write a PacketInterceptor to do what you are looking for.

One thing I wanted to mention is that you may control the IP addresses from where your clients may log in. I know this is not your question but who knows…


– Gato

I think I’‘ll check out the PacketInterceptor route. I can see in the ContentFilter that it’'s catching that interface and rejecting messages based on their content. I could use that code as a base.

I’'m a Java newbie. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to compile into a jar file?


you don’‘t “compile” into jar, it’'s just a packaging thing.

just go to the root of where your classes are (if using standard “package” statements that might be the directory above com), and execute the jar command:

jar cvf myjar.jar com

this will jar everything in the com directory.

if you don’'t have packages you might just do

jar cvf myjar.jar *.class

but packaging is recommended!