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Retrieve icq password?

my boss lost his icq password for his account which is quite old. unfortunately the email associated with that acount is also old and no longer usable so he cannot change his pswd. Since he has used this id for years in support functions and many people have it in their contact lists, it would not be acceptable to create a new one.

how can i retrieve the pswd used by the icq plugin which is the correct one? he is using a different client on his laptop and cannot get it to log in directly.

i looked in the mysql tables but only saw encrypted pswds.

Hrm. Generally the user can retrieve that information by using a client that’'s capable of registration and attempting to reregister. The current password will be sent to them during registration as a “currently filled in field” so to speak. If you want to do it an admin kinda way, and can log in via the user or borrow their current login (to XMPP), try logging in and then using the XML console to fire a:

filled in. =)

Sounds like a winner. Thanks!

Now all i have to do is find an xml console someplace

my kopete nor spark appear to have one.

if this gives a plain text pswd back then the thread is done and i will save this info in a file with immutable set

I thought Spark did but I might be wrong =) Psi definitely has one!

i would have to set up a windows box to use psi though. i have a linux workstation. guess i wont fool around and will just get it and do it

Why would you? Psi is available for everything! =) Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris . . .

The only problem is you -might- have to build it for linux. I don’‘t know if there’'s a prebuilt package out there.

i thought it was just windows but you are right. i am in the middle of building it now. i dont like using prebuilt binaries. that gives me whatever options others want rather than what i want and most of those are still using gcc 3.4.6 or the older lib with linuxthreads… my system is totally new posix thread (nptl)… installing the windows spark to see if it is any different than the linux version, and currently making linux psi … judging by the way things look i don’'t think arch will make a difference in features on that one.

psi had the easiest to find xml console and your suggestion worked like a champ!


Awesome! Glad to hear it! =)