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Retrieving and setting user's profile through REST API


I am doing some test on Openfire. I successfully created several users and added them in the same rooster using either the web interface or the REST API.
Now I am trying to set user personal information. I didn’t find a way to set family and given name (vCard ?) through the REST API nor the web interface. I am able to do it from a xmpp client (gajim) and it’s showing up on the user’s profile for the other members of the roster. However when I access the user’s information from the OpenFire web interface, those details are not showing up.

How to set/get this through REST API ? How to see user’s full profile from the web interface ?

Thanks for your time,

Such I know there is no way atm to see the vCard details

So clients can see each other’s vCard but the Openfire can’t ?