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Retrieving user info through XMPP (XEP-0154 error 503 service unavailable)


I am using a web page that creates users through the REST API plugin. Users are created with additional properties, such as account #.

I was trying to retrieve that information through the BOSH connection on an app (that uses strophe.js) using XEP-0154, but I am getting an error 503 - service unavailable response. Reading the docs it says this should be the message in case the user has no profile, but I also tried to create a profile using XEP-0154 and got the same service unavailable response. I am using an admin user to try to do this, so it should be authorized.



Requests to retrieve the users vCard work (XEP-0054), but do not retrieve the user’s additional properties that are created through the REST API.

Could you guys help me understand why I’m getting this service unavailable response, and whether it will return the user’s additional properties as shown in the user profile in the Openfire admin console?

If this won’t work, any suggestions on how to accomplish something similiar?

My goal is to be able to retrieve and display some user information on the app, using the BOSH connection, to avoid the need to expose some other REST API to the internet and have the app use it.

Thanks in advance!