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Returning User Question

Hi there, I’m a returning user to Openfire (mac),

on my previous use of the program I deleted my admin account (the only account I had) and removed the program.

Now upon re-installing Openfire I go straight to the admin login screen. Is there a way to set up a new admin user account? because all i get to is the admin login screen and i can’t go any further as i haven’t got an account?

this may be really simple, i just don’t know how to do it.

help would be gratefully appreciated.



Normally the admin account is created during configuration using the wizard.

Do you have used your old openfire.xml file? Then the wizard is skipped. Take the openfire.xml that is shipped with openfire and run the wizard normally.

Edit your openfire.xml file located in the /usr/local/openfire/conf folder, and change the setup tag to match .

Edit your openfire.xml

Ok, thats the better way