Reversi broken

Several times in reversi it would not let me play in a legitimate spot. Other times I played and it didn’t correctly flip all the pieces. Something wrong in the algorithm. It seems to only affect black…wtf! I just lost a game where I had all four corners!


also, how do you close a reversi game?

Seems it affected both players, not just black. Edges were not being reached, so if you had a piece at the edge it would never find your piece and not change the row/column/diagonal.

I also changed it to not check unless you are at least placing two away from the edge you are checking towards. Not very important, probably, but slightly more optimized.



Please, attach your patch as a file (*.patch).

ok, let me test this a bit more, I just found a bug on one of the diagonals.

Ok, try this one. (900 Bytes)

Looks like your patch has been applied

Yep! Thanks!

Found another bug, fixed in this patch. (450 Bytes)


Another edge case screwed up. Hopefully this is the last one…heh I changed another line, as well, for clarity, but it has no effect. (567 Bytes)

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